Nate Rogers:
Performance Training and Strength and Conditioning coach

I help people move, feel and perform better


I was born in Cape Town, raised in England and brought up with a very determined outlook on reaching goals,

I have been involved in sport since the young age of 8 years old and I have loved it from that moment onwards. Since then I have always had a great interest in physical activity and this proudly lead me to winning the Victor Ladorum, which was the award for all round best athlete and best performer of the sports year.

I then went on to represent my my county and regional squads, Norfolk and Eastern Counties, in rugby union. I did this while also being the top try scorer for my club during the 2006/7 season with 21 tries. Which isn’t too bad, for a then, cocky scrum-half.  I also represented my local City of Norwich athletics Club in sprinting from 2005-2008. It was there that I first learnt of my passion for sprinting and speed.

I got into strength and conditioning after suffering some bad ACL injuries to my knees while playing rugby and most probably due to poor movement patterns. This forced me to go to the gym to learn to move better and get stronger. During that time I realised I was fascinated with the idea of building an awesome body in aesthetics terms as well as performance wise.

I believe that I am so passionate about what I do because I don’t want what happened to me to happen to others with in sport. With some good advice and a better plan I would probably have not sustained those horrible injuries, which essentially ended my rugby and sprinting career.

I am currently ,and have been for a 4/5 years now,  a strength and conditioning coach for the City of Norwich Athletics Club and University of East Anglia. I also work with Personal Best Soccer and some private clients who I provide one to one sessions for. During this time I have also been a sprints coach at St Mary’s University, the University of East Anglia and the City of Norwich Athletics Club.

I have a huge passion for teaching people how to move correctly, lift heavy things, move heavy things fast, moving very fast, enhancing aesthetics, improving nutrition, living healthy lives and just being pure awesome. My other hobbies include reading really nerdy and geeky exercise science books and blogs.

However I would say that more than anything  I really enjoy helping others achieve their goals, it makes me extremely happy to help and have helped others achieve what they have aimed for.


Athletics Group

  • The launch of this website
  • Started new company by the name of Rogers Elite Perfomance
  • Sprints and SnC coach for City Of Norwich Athletics Club (CONAC)
  • 19 of our u17 and u20 athletes qualified from CONAC for English Schools, 13 of those selected were from our training group
  • Under 15 Boys UK Sports Hall Champions
  • Sprints Coach of English Schools relay Silver Medalist Team
  • Sprint Coach to English Schools u15 boys triple jump Bronze Medalist- Wesley Matsuka-Williams
  • SnC caoch to Katherine Barnes who is top 10 UK for u12 age group
  • Improved Jack Strachans time from 52.9 to 50.5
  • SnC Coach for Personal Best Soccer
  • Sprint and SnC for the U.E.A athletes
  • Every athlete in our CONAC training group has run PBs this year