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About Nate Rogers

Nate Rogers is Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sprints coach. Nate is also a strength and conditioning coach at City of Norwich Athletics Club, while also working alongside GB sprints coach Mike Utting as a sprints coach. He works with youth athletes, aspiring professional athletes and the experienced professional. Nate has represented county and regional squads in Rugby union, being top try scorer for his club during the 2006/7 season with 21 tries. He also represented City of Norwich athletics Club in sprinting form 2006-2008. Nate loves lifting heavy things, making others lift heavier things and making others move fast, very very fast! He also really enjoys reading nerdy and geeky exercise science stuff. Plus he is a beautiful man, no really he is almost as beautiful as Bradd Pitt, well he thinks anyway.


Hi everyone, this post is the continuation of the discussion on the importance of acceleration. We explore how to set up a session based on parameters that include the athlete (how they feel/ability), the qualities we are looking to improve and the adaptations we are looking achieve. This includes rep and set schemes and recovery times. If you are reading this you … Read More >